Czarno na białym

Tigers on the border

They were supposed to be taken to a zoo in Dagestan in Russia, but it turned out that there was no zoo. It's very likely that they were going to meet their death by being sold in Asia, possibly cut into pieces. TVN24's "Czarno na Białym" presents a terrifying, yet moving story of 10 tigers - a story that moved Poland two months ago. We will show you its happy ending, although a completely different outcome was very close. We know quite a lot about what happened to the tigers when they were in Poland. Their story gathered significant media attention when their transport got stuck at the border with Belarus, when they were rescued and taken care of in Poznań, and when they finally found asylum in Spain. However, this is only a part of this story. In order to discover the animals' ordeal in its entirety, TVN24's Katarzyna Górniak set off to several countries, trying to find all remaining traces. She managed to find people responsible for sending the tigers on this harrowing journey, and those to whom the animals were sent to. They weren't very willing to discuss the issue, some refused to have their identities revealed. Watch the full report entitled: "Tigers on the border".