Firefighters rescued two cats from a burning building in Gdynia

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Firefighters rescued cats from a burning flatKM PSP Gdynia
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KM PSP GdyniaFirefighters rescued cats from a burning flat

After a fire broke out in a building in Gdynia, a dozen or so residents managed to quickly escape outside. However, not everyone was safe at that point. A man approached the firefighters and told them that he had left his two cats in his flat. The firemen rushed to the rescue and brought the unconscious animals downstairs.

On Sunday, at around 5pm, fire service received a report about a fire in a flat in a residential building on Morska street in Gdynia. Five firefighting teams were dispatched to the scene.

"A dozen or so people managed to escape from the building. During the operation, one of the residents told us that his two cats were left behind in his flat," said Jakub Friedenberger, press officer from Gdynia Fire Service.

Gdynia Fire Service Deputy Chief Paweł Gil said that as soon as the firefighters extinguished the fire, they immediately rushed into the building to rescue the cats.

Firefighters have saved the two catsKM PSP Gdynia

"After extinguishing the fire, the firemen focused on locating those cats, evacuating them to safety outside, and providing them with first aid," Gil said.

Friedenberger said that both cats had been unconscious. The firefighters immediately proceeded to rescue the animals by providing them with oxygen and water. "We've managed to save both cats, and they've been returned to their owner," the press officer added.

The firefighters have posted photos of the animal rescue mission in social media. As they have written, for them "all hearts beat the same way".


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