Donald Tusk discussed Poland's security with former presidents, ministers and generals

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Spotkanie Tuska z byłymi prezydentami i generałami. Tematem bezpieczeństwo Polski
Spotkanie Tuska z byłymi prezydentami i generałami. Tematem bezpieczeństwo Polski
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TVN24Donald Tusk discussed Poland's security with former presidents, ministers and generals

Poland's former prime minister and leader of the opposition Civic Platform party Donald Tusk met with the coutry's former presidents Bronisław Komorowski and Aleksander Kwaśniewski on Thursday in Warsaw to discuss the question of national security in the light of Russian threat against Ukraine.

The meeting was also attended by the Speaker of the Senate Tomasz Grodzki, former defence ministers - Bogdan Klich and Tomasz Siemoniak, former foreign minister Adam Daniel Rotfeld, as well as six generals.

Tusk: safety of Poland depends on situation in Ukraine

Donald Tusk said at the meeting that even though the likelyhood of Russian invasion into Ukraine seemed lower than a few days ago, no scenarios could be ruled out at that stage, including mass provocations.

He argued that Poland should be playing a bigger role that it does today in cementing unity in the West and builing unity in Ukraine. He added that, with regards to the question of security and defence, a "fundamental accord between all political powers" should be built.

"These days it can be seen even more clearly than in the last decades that a border between the East and West - in a political sense - is being settled," Civic Platform leader said.

He explained that the said border was being settled across the territory of Ukraine. "We must do whatever we can to make Poland's presence in the West was something unambiguous, undisputable," Tusk said.

Situation in Ukraine will largely decide whether Poland is safe and permanently rooted in the Western community of values and security," he added.

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Kwaśniewski: I hope Putin won't take this desperate step

Former president Aleksander Kwaśniewski said he visited Ukraine on Wednesday (Feb.16) and had been asked by reporters on his view on how things would develop. He said he had replied that there was only one person who could decide which scenario would unfold - Vladimir Putin. "But I get the impression that even this man doesn't know which scenario to follow, he hasn't firmly decided what he wants to do," he explained.

In his opinion, crisis in Ukraine will last as long as Putin is in power. "I'm not so sure if one day Putin steps down and someone else replaces him, that this vision will change," he added.

"We must take into account years of crisis which will take on different forms. Let's hope it doesn't take the most severe form of a full-scale war," Kwaśniewski said. "I hope that Putin will not decide to take this desperate step, namely the war. That's because the price that would have to paid for an open war with Ukraine may be extremely high for Putin," he added.

Kwaśniewski also argued that Russia would not have many problems in defeating the Ukrainian army, but things would turn much more difficult when facing resistance movement. He added that the present crisis has resulted in growth of Ukrainian unity, and that the EU and NATO were "anchors" of Polish security.

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Komorowski: Poland's international standing "dramatically poor"

The other former president invited to the meeting by Tusk, Bronisław Komorowski, said that Russians believe that their country has to validate its power by subordinating other nations and limiting their freedom. He also argued that nowadays Russia wants to expand its sphere of influence at the cost of Ukrainem, whereas in the future this problem might pertain to Latvia or Belarus.

According to Komorowski, Putin has a new scenario based on "exhausting" Ukraine: weakening of its economy, lowering morale, as well as tiring public opinion in the West. He added that this scenario might involve provocations. The former president stressed that it is necessary for Poland to help Ukraine in many aspects: political, military, economical, and social.

As to the political support - Komorowski argued - in order for it to be effective, it must be based on Poland's standing in the Western world, which in his opinion is "dramatically poor". He added that Poland should also support Ukraine by sending military equipment and train its troops. "We are making some effort at the moment, but weeks of crisis have passed and Poland still hasn't actually carried out its promise to provide material support," the former president said.


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