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"We Are All Ombudspersons". Actors, artists and journalists join human rights campaign

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Adam Bodnar ends his term as the Commissioner for Human RightsTVN24
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TVN24Adam Bodnar ends his term as the Commissioner for Human Rights

Many Polish organisations, public figures, artists, journalists and actors, including Agnieszka Holland, Danuta Stenka, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Andrzej Chyra, Anja Rubik, Andrzej Saramonowicz and Robert Makłowicz have joined Adam Bodnar's civic campaign supporting the Commissioner for Human Rights. They posted photos in social media, in which they declared support for particular human and civil rights.

"We Are All Ombudspersons" is a civic-initiative campaign in support of the Commissioner of Human Rights, organised by Adam Bodnar. As the "Free Courts" initiative explains, the campaign is meant to show that "Adam Bodnar and his Team's efforts in recent years have paid off, that we are all RPOs (ombudspersons) and we will be protecting human rights".

Over 50 organisation from all over Poland have joined the campaign, including Amnesty International, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the Free Courts initiative. Photos with #wszyscyjestesmyrzecznikami hashtag were posted by various public figures, artists and journalists, such as Andrzej Chyra, Robert Makłowicz, Agnieszka Holland, Andrzej Saramonowicz.

Public figures get involved

"I defend every human's right to respect," actress Danuta Stenka declared.

"The source of all rights and freedoms is dignity of every human," says a banner made by model Anja Rubik.

"I defend the rights of LGBT+ people," film director Agnieszka Holland said. "Freedom is art is freedom," actor Andrzej Chyra came with such motto. Journalist and Polish cuisine promoter Robert Makłowicz also expressed his support for the campaign.

"I defend the right to freedom of art," such slogan was posted actor Arkadiusz Jakubik.

"The best way to thank Adam Bodnar is to continue his work. That's why I take part in 'We Are All Ombudspersons' campaign," Janina Ochojska said on Twitter and attached a photo taken in 2018 during the protest of people with disabilities, when she had not been allowed to enter the Sejm to meet the protesters.

"Sarajevo was more accessible," MEP and chief of the Polish Humanitarian Action added.

"I defend the right to in vitro," filmmaker Andrzej Saramonowicz posted on Facebook.


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