City-strolling peacock escorted back to park by police on blue lights

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The peacock was visiting downtown Warsaw's nooks and crannies
The peacock was visiting downtown Warsaw's nooks and cranniesArtur Węgrzynowicz /
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Artur Węgrzynowicz / The peacock was visiting downtown Warsaw's nooks and crannies

After two days of strolling across downtown Warsaw, a city-roaming peacock was finally captured by firemen at key tourist thoroughfare of Nowy Świat. Shortly after, the bird was escorted back to Royal Łazienki Park in a marked police car on blue lights. "The peacock barely fitted in the car due to his huge train. When the officers released him in the park, a longing peahen immediately greeted him" - said inner city police spokesman.

On Thursday evening, reporter Mateusz Szmelter informed that a peacock had been spotted on a windowpane on a second floor of a building at Nowy Świat street. Jerzy Jabraszko from Warsaw City Guard confirmed this information and said another attempt to capture him would be made, as they had already tried earlier that day. "The peacock was sitting on a cornice of one of the buildings. The eco-patrol officers couldn't reach him, but the bird seemed healthy, he was escaping in a clever way which only proved he was all fine" - Jabraszko said.

In the end the animal was captured in early evening. "Fire service was dispatched to the scene. Right after they opened the window, the bird tried to fly inside and the firemen caught him. Thanks to a brace on his leg we are likely to find out where he came from, although it's almost certain he came from Royal Łazienki" - Jabraszko said after the bord was captured.

It turned out that, indeed, the bird was a resident of the park. Inner city police officers took him home in a car on blue lights. "The transport wasn't easy though - the peacock barely fitted inside the police car due to his huge train. One officer held him on his lap and had to be very careful not to injure the bird's tail" - inner city police spokesman Robert Szumiata said on Friday.

In the Łazienki Park, a person responsible for park peafowl was already awaiting. She directed the officers to the bird's area of residence (each peacock has their own zone in the park). But someone else was also waiting. "Mr Peacock was expected... by Mrs Peahen. When the officers released him, longing peahen immediately showed up and cast herself into his arms, so to speak" - the policeman joked.

He also confirmed that the bird was the very same one that had been spotted on Wednesday, and which the City Guard officers failed to catch.

Most likely, the peacock ran away from Łazienki in order to hide from a fox that is prowling in the park. Peacocks hide from foxes in the trees, and sometimes they migrate further, towards the city. "Apparently, this one had troubles with returning to the park and he got lost, but luckily he's back home and the story ended happily" - Robert Szumiata said.


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