Police officer blocks traffic and rescues a little fox cub

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Policeman saves a little fox on Dąbrowskiego street in Poznań
Policeman saves a little fox on Dąbrowskiego street in PoznańGoogle Earth
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Google EarthPoliceman saves a little fox on Dąbrowskiego street in Poznań

A police officer form Tarnów Podgórny (near Poznań) spotted a little scared animal on the side of the road. He stopped his car, blocked the traffic and carefully approached the animal which turned out to be a little fox. The cub was injured and the officer took it to a vet.

The situation took place last weekend. A police officer working in Tarnów Podgórny was driving through Dąbrowskiego street in Poznań. Suddenly he spotted a small, red-haired animal wandering right next to the road. "He immediately stopped his car and blocked other vehicles. Taking precautions, he approached the animal" - said Marta Mróz from Poznań police press office.

The officer blocked the road to save this little fox babyKWP Poznań

It turned out it was a little fox cub. It was immediately clear that it needed help, its face was covered with small bruises. "The officer took care of the little fox. Because the animal was injured, officers who ended their night shift took the little one to a vet" - Mróz said.

The vet told them they brought a little vixen. After he treated her, she was taken to the Environment University Rehab Centre where she would stay until full recovery. "When the animal regains strength, it will be taken to a proper shelter" - the police spokesperson said.


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