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Tremor in Rudna mine. One miner dead, four injured

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Do wypadku doszło w kopalni miedzi
Do wypadku doszło w kopalni miedzi
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Miner dies after tremor hits Rudna mine in Polkowice

One miner died on Friday after a tremor hit state-owned Rudna mine in Polkowice (Lower Silesian Voivodeship). Four other miners were injured in the quake.

Lidia Marcinkowska-Bartkowiak, head of communications at the state-owned company KGHM informed Polish Press Agency (PAP) about the death of the miner.

The tremor occurred at the G24 section of Rudna mine in Polkowice, at the depth of 1.100 metres. Its strength has been assessed as "six" in miners' scale. Five miners were in the danger zone when the quake hit.

Doctors tended to three injured miners already down in the shaft. The fourth was quickly located by rescuers and, just like others, taken up to the surface. "The miners are being examined, they suffered non-life-threatening injuries" - Marcinkowska-Bartkowiak said.

There was no contact with the fifth miner since the start of the rescue mission. KGHM said the deceased miner was 35 years old and worked for the company since 2007. He was survived by two children.

Due to the tragic accident, the chairman of KGHM Marcin Chludziński announced a three-day mourning in all departments of the copper-mining company.


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