Communist-era militia officer suspected of shooting miners in 1981 arrested in Croatia

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Former officer of the special platoon of Citizens' Militia (Milicja Obywatelska - MO), Roman S. has been detained in Croatia. He is said to have been shooting Polish miners during the Pacification of Wujek, Polish Press Agency (PAP) reported. In the inquiry led by the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), Roman S. was a wanted person and the European arrest warrant has been issued after him.


Roman Zdzisław S. - a former officer of the special platoon of the Voivodeship Citizens' Militia in Katowice is in the hands of the Polish police. Craotian authorities decided about handing the suspect over to Polish justice system.

The former communist police officer was detained on May 17 in Croatia. According to unofficial information by PAP from sources close to the case, the suspect wasn't living in Poland, but in Germany. It was also known that Roman Zdzisław S. renounced Polish citizenship and accepted German. In 2012, a prosecutor from the IPN filed a request to a court in Katowice to issue the European Arrest Warrant after the suspect. The warrant was sent to the German authorities but they refused to comply. During the martial law in Poland, on 16th of December 1981, the militia opened fire with live ammunition to the protesting miners from "Wujek" coal mine in Katowice. The tragic incident left nine miners dead and over 20 wounded. This was the worst tragedy of the martial law in Poland.

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