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Health minister decorates vaccination point staff attacked by anti-vaxxers

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Anti-vaxxers attacked vaccination point in Grodzisk / piotr4913
wideo 2/7 / piotr4913Anti-vaxxers attacker vaccination point in Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Poland's Health Minister Adam Niedzielski on Tuesday decorated employees of a vaccination point in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, who on Sunday had prevented anti-vaccination protesters against storming inside the building. A scuffle involving the police had also ensued. An ambulance had been damaged, two people had been arrested.

"Minister Niedzielski decorated the employees of a vaccination point in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, who fell victim of anti-vaxxers' aggression" - the Ministry of Health said on Twitter on Tuesday.

Scuffle at the vaccination point

The incident took place on Sunday at a vaccination point located in Mediateka in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. Videos available online show a group of people dressed in vest with logos of the organisation which - as it says itself - "resists lawlessness of the government and police", and publishes posts in social media discouraging viewers from COVID-19 vaccinations.

The group members gathered in front of the Mediateka building on Sunday and tried to get inside to disrupt ongoing vaccinations. They were prevented from doing it by the vaccination point employees and security. A scuffle broke out and there was plenty of cursing.

Two other incidents took place later on. A group of people wearing yellow vests tried to block a police car carrying one of the detained persons from driving away. They laid themselves on the front of the vehicle and argued with the officers.

Medical rescuers also suffered as they could not leave the ambulance in fear of being attacked by the mob. As they later said, they had been verbally assaulted and spat at. The ambulance was damaged.

Local police said at the time that two people were arrested. One for assaulting an officer, while the other for insult and threats. Two people were lightly injured. Assaulting a police officer carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison, whereas insulting a public officer - up to one year.


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