Poland's oldest living male celebrates his 111th birthday

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Starostwo Powiatowe w Świdnicy111th birthday party of the oldest man in Poland - Mr Stanisław Kowalski

Stanisław Kowalski has turned 111 on April 14, 2021. Only a few years back, the oldest living male in Poland was still taking part in athletic competitions. Nowadays, he no longer runs and throws the discus or the hammer, but simply enjoys his retirement. According to those who spent his birthday with him, Mr Kowalski "still has plenty of life energy and is in good spirits".

Stanisław Kowalski was born in 1910. He began his sport career quite late, because in 2014, that is 104 years after his birth. This fact, however, did not stop him from breaking the European record in 100-meter dash in his age category. Mr Kowalski needed 32,79 second to become number one.

"I will live until death. I won't stop" - he promised TVN24 reporter back in 2014.

News regarding achievements of the Lower Silesia resident resonated even across the pond. Rapper 50 cent posted a photo Mr Kowalski running at his Facebook profile.

Mr Kowalski doesn't run anymore. He decided to end his sporting career in March 2016. In January this year, he was vaccinated against COVID-19, and on Wednesday he celebrated his 111th birthday.

"Mr Stanisław maybe isn't planning to compete anymore, but he still has plenty of life energy and is in good spirits" - Świdnica county office wrote on its website.

On his 111th birthday, the oldest living male in Poland was visited by the deputy county mayor and a member of Gerontology Research Group, an international non-profit organisation which focuses on researching human aging process.

Not only was there a special cake dedicated to the 111-year-old, but he also got a special sport shirt with his name and age written on the back.

Furthermore, he received an official certificate. The document confirms that Stanisław Kowalski is the oldest resident of Lower Silesia, the oldest male living in Poland, as well the third-oldest man in Poland and fourth-oldest living European. He's also one of the 13 living males on the planet.

Stanisław Kowalski celebrated his 111th birthdayStarostwo Powiatowe w Świdnicy


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