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Poland responds. "EU has no grounds to question judiciary reforms"

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Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta and government spokesman Piotr Müller
Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta and government spokesman Piotr MüllerEBS
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The European Union has no grounds to question Poland's judiciary reforms, its government spokesman Piotr Müller said on Tuesday.

The European Union's executive arm, the European Commission, decided on Tuesday to ask the EU's top court to suspend the functioning of Poland's disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court.

"The chamber functions in line with Polish law...EU treaties do not regulate at all the judiciary systems of particular member states," Müller told a televised press conference.

He added that each state can decide to hand over legal control over certain areas to the European Union. "Justice system is no such area, both in Poland and in other European countries. Therefore, it would be necessary to ask about legal grounds for such motion to be filed in the first place. In our opinion, there are no such grounds," the spokesman said.

Asked if, in case the ECJ orders the Supreme Court's Disciplinary Chamber to suspend its activities, Polish government would comply, the spokesman replied that "decisions in that regard would be taken by the Disciplinary Chamber".

Jan Grabiec from opposition Civic Platform party said on Tuesday that the European Commission stood up to safeguard Poland's membership in the EU. "Changes implemented in the bills on courts are, de facto, pushing Poland outside the European legal system and pose a great threat to Poles," he added.

Jan Grabiec from opposition Civic Platform partytvn24

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