"I've lost everything in 15 minutes". Storm ravaged villages in Lower Silesia

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Severe weather causes havoc in Lower Silesia
Severe weather causes havoc in Lower SilesiaTVN24
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TVN24Severe weather causes havoc in Lower Silesia

Residents of Lower Silesian province are still counting losses after heavy storms passed over the region. The worst situation is some parts of the Świdnica County. Strong wind has damaged 122 houses there. Local governments reassured residents won't get left behind. Financial aid would also be offered to the most heavily affected residents.

Residents of the Jaworzyna Śląska Municipality have been most heavily affected by a heavy storm that had passed over the region on Saturday. Many people in the villages of Czechy, Stanowice and Olszany are now counting losses, trying to tidy up their property that has been damaged by the storm. Some houses have been partially affected, others have lost whole roofs. Although owners who had insured their property feel slightly more comfortable, they're still worried that procedures might take very long. Time is of the essence here as the next heavy rainfall may make things even worse.

"I'm speechless. I've lost mine and my father's life's work in 15 minutes. I was to renovate the elevation and now what? I need to start for the scratch," said one the residents.

Houses damaged in Saturday's stormTVN24 Wrocław/ Marcin Walczak

Government aid

Local residents have been counting losses since Saturday. They were joined on Monday by municipal services. A special committee will help the residents to assess the damage. "The voivode said government aid would be launched. We will also help the people to file applications. We will do our best to make sure the aid is a high as possible, and delivered as soon and as possible," said the Mayor of Jaworzyna Śląska, Grzegorz Grzegorzewicz.

Jarosław Kresa, Lower Silesian Deputy Voivode, announced financial aid, and other forms of help, would be offered to those most heavily affected by the storm.

Severe storm damaged hundreds of housesTVN24 Wrocław/ Marcin Walczak


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