"A prominent figure of Polish fashion". Grażyna Hase's Studio receives title of Warsaw Historic Artistic Workroom

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Grażyna Hase's Studio receives Historic Artistic Workshop title

Warsaw City Hall has granted the title of Historic Artistic Workroom to Grażyna Hase's Studio. "It's a magical place at which ideas for fashionable looks, original creations and clothing patterns - inscribed forever into Poland's world of fashion design - have been coming to life since the 1980s" - the city authorities said.

The studio has been arranged on over 70 square metres inside one of central Warsaw's tenement houses.

"Grażyna Hase created fashion in the difficult times of PRL (Polish People's Republic). She contributed to the establishment of Polish modelling. Her designs cast a bright light on the prevailing greyness and mediocrity" - the city hall said in a statement, in which it called Hase a "prominent figure of Polish fashion".

"An outstanding designer, illustrator, model and manager - still active, still designing and creating. She is an author of fashion shows admired in Poland and abroad, designer of sportswear, work uniforms, stage costumes, for theatre and film. She also co-authored TV shows dedicated to music and fashion," Warsaw City Hall added.

Devoted to Warsaw's artistic scene

The artist was involved in the artistic scene of Warsaw, prominent figures of which were regular guests at her atelier in downtown Warsaw. In this atmospheric place open to the needs of visitors, she still meets with people, designs, and organises documentation of old patterns the leading Polish fashion brands used to order back in the days.

Grażyna Hase has been working in her studio for decades and created a unique atmosphere inside. The significance and uniqueness of designs and collections gathered in the studio is immense.

"Taking these values into account, the city has granted this place the title of Warsaw Historic Artistic Workroom" - Warsaw City Hall announced.

The Museum of Warsaw is also planning to celebrate Grażyna Hase's work in a special exhibition dedicated to the artist, which is to be open between April 28, until September 11.


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