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Police escorts common merganser family on their way to the river

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Nurogęsi migrują z Łazienek Królewskich do Wisły

When a female common merganser and 11 of their offspring approached the road, the police and city guards were already waiting. They were there to help the birds cross a busy street.

On Monday at noon the annual migration of common mergansers from the Royal Łazienki Park, where the birds lay eggs, to the Vistula river, a place of their permanent residence. Many dangers await on their way. The birds start their journey at the Piaseczyński Canal. Later on they need cross Myśliwiecka street, as well as the always busy Czerniakowska.

"Today's operation has been handled outstandingly. Here, words of praise are in place for city services: the police, and city guard ekopatrol" - said Piotr Zakrzewski from Warsaw Greenery Authority.

"As the greenery authority we coordinate this operation because we're the administrators of the Piaseczyński Canal. Each year at this time we drain the canal so the common mergansers could pass through the culvert underneath Myśliwiecka street. If the water is too high, the mother and her offspring must go above across the street full of cars and other dangers" - Zakrzewski explained.

He added the canal is under constant monitoring of the greenery authority employees. "Around 11 a.m. we've spotted the female and their children. We immediately called the police. The officers arrived at the scene. They stopped the traffic in both directions at Czerniakowska street, and the mother took her kids safely to the Czerniakowski Port" - Zakrzewski said.

In the coming days, the traffic at Czerniakowska street may be stopped again. "We expect a few more broods this year. It's hard to say how exactly how many. We estimate three or four" - Zakrzewski said.

On Czerniakowska street there's an electronic sign informing drivers about possible migration of common mergansers. There are also special signs at the bike lane.

Warning sign on a bike lane informing about possible traverse of common mergansersZDM


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