Pedestrian fatally hit by a speeding car at a crosswalk in Warsaw. Driver charged

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The driver of a BMW that fatally hit a man at a crosswalk on Sokratesa street in Warsaw has been charged. The prosecutor's office calls upon witnesses of the tragic accident to come forward. Prosecutors especially hope to find the driver of a silver car that had stopped right before the said crosswalk.


The deadly accident at a crosswalk in Bielany district took place on Sunday around 1pm. A 33-old-man was fatally hit by a BMWm his wife and child were both taken to a hospital."Exceeded speed limit"

The driver of the BMW has been detained. He was questioned on Monday. "The 31-year-old Krystian O. has been charged with causing a deadly accident and endangering life or health of a woman and her child, who had also been at the crosswalk," said Łukasz Łapczyński, the spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw."It's been determined that the driver exceeded the speed limit in a built-up area, and didn't exercise maximum caution when approaching the crosswalk, and as a result hit the victim with high speed causing his immediate death," Łapczyński said.The spokesman added that the man had pleaded guilty. "He was responding to the questions asked by his attorney. He exlained that he didn't remember too much. He added that he was blinded by sunlight," he explained.After the questioning, the prosecutor sent a request to the court to place the suspect under 3-month arrest."Prosecutors call upon witnesses of the accident to come forward, especially the driver of a silver car that had stopped before the crosswalk," Łapczyński stressed.Investigation in progress The 31-year-old was detained after the accident. "Tests showed that he was sober," the spokesman for the Warsaw Metropolitan Police, Sylwester Marczak, said on Monday morning. The driver was checked not only for alcohol content, but also for narcotics. Both tests proved negative. In order to be 100-percent sure, investigators took blood samples, but they will have wait for the results.According to unofficial information, Krystian O. didn't have a criminal record. The police are investigating the accident under the supervision of the prosecutor's office.Officers will be questioning witnesses, checking CCTV, and expert witness is to determine the exact speed with which the BMW was going. The police were also checking on Sunday, whether the brakes in the car had been working properly.

The tragic accident took place on Sokratesa street in the northern district of BielanyGoogle Maps /

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