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Unmanned Danish boat ran aground near Polish coast. Search mission ended

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Search for the missing crew of a Danish
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miastokolobrzeg.plSearch for the missing crew of a Danish vessel

A Danish boat ran aground some 50 metres from the shore near Ustronie Morskie (West Pomeranian province) on Thursday. Polish search and rescue team found no one on board, but the engine was running. Danish authorities say that most likely a solitary fisherman sailed in the vessel. The search mission has been suspended, pending further decisions.

The spokesman for Polish Maritime Search and Rescue Service (SAR) Rafał Goeck said a Danish vessel number R252 run aground about 40-50 metres from the shore. It was spotted around 11 a.m.

"After approaching the boat, a Maritime Search and Rescue team found no crew members on board. However, they did find a cell phone and a pack of cigarettes" - the spokesman said and added the vessel's engine was running.

He explained it was likely the crew members had found themselves overboard. A search operation, involving a Navy helicopter, Border Guard and SAR units has been launched.

Later that day the spokesman said that, according the Danish Maritime Authority, most likely a lonesome 60-year-old fisherman was sailing in the boat. He added that the search mission on Thursday was ended.

Decision about relaunching the search was to be made soon and in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The vessel was hauled to the Kołobrzeg port.


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