Ukrainians marched through Warsaw to show gratitude to Poles

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"Przyjaciele, dziękujemy!". Przemarsz w Warszawie
"Przyjaciele, dziękujemy!". Przemarsz w Warszawie
TVN24"Friends, thank you!" Ukrainians organised a "March of Gratitude" in Warsaw

"March of Gratitude" organised by Ukrainians to thank Poles went through the streets of Warsaw on Sunday (May 29). "Every occasion is good to thank the Polish people for support and hospitality," said Ukrainian Ambassador Andrii Deshchytsia.

The march began in front of the Polish parliament at Wiejska Street and the participants walked towards the Castle Square. People held Ukrainian and Polish flags, as well as banners, including a huge one displayed at the front of the procession, saying: "THANK YOU!".

Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andrii Deshchytsia invited people to join the march on Twitter. "War brings true friends together. Poles are our true friends, who fight by our side every day!" - the ambassador wrote.

"Every occasion is good to thank the Poles"

The Ukrainian Embassy said that the march was a way to thank the Polish people "for cordiality and help, for friendship and support showed to our nation".

Ambassador Deshchytsia took part in the march. "Every occasion is good to thank the Polish people for support and hospitality they have showed to Ukrainians," he told a TVN24 reporter.

The main part of the event took place at the Castle Square at Warsaw's Old Town, where a Ukrainian fair was held. The march finale was marked by a concert of variety of Ukrainian and Polish artists, including Maria Burmaka, Kazka, TVORCHI, and Poparzeni Kawą Trzy.

"Flowers and songs from Ukrainians to Poles, who since the first day have welcomed us with their arms and hearts open! A march and concert of gratitude today in Warsaw! Thank you Poland!" - ambassador Andrii Deshchytsia said on Twitter.


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