Warsaw bus driver charged. Tests proved he took amphetamine

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Bus accident in Warsaw recorder on various dashcams
Bus accident in Warsaw recorder on various dashcamsFakt, Rafał, Arek
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Fakt, Rafał, ArekBus accident in Warsaw recorder on various dashcams

Tomasz U., a bus driver from Warsaw who caused a tragic accident resulting in the death of one person, has been charged by the prosecutor. Drug tests proved that the man was under the influence of amphetamine whilst driving.

"The man has been charged, among other things, of causing a road disaster that led to the death of one of the passengers and caused heavy injuries to four other people," said Mirosława Chyr, the spokesperson for the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw.

The driver was under the influence of amphetamine, the drug tests revealed. "So suggests the toxicological opinion issued today," Chyr added.

This circumstance is likely to result in a more severe punishment. Causing a road disaster carries a 12-year prison sentence, yet it can be extended even up to 15 years. "The suspect is effectively facing such sentence at the moment," the spokesperson said.

Tomasz U. was also charged with possession of amphetamine, which was found near the driver's seat in the bus.

Possession of illegal psychotropic substances carries a 3-year sentence.

The driver was charged on Friday in a hospitals and refused to answer whether he pleads guilty or not.

Prosecutor Chyr said the man did not remember much of what had happened as he "blacked out".

The prosecutor will seek to place the driver under arrest.


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