Magdalena K. detained in Slovakia. Woman was wanted by Polish police and Interpol

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Polish woman wanted by Interpol detained in Slovakia
Polish woman wanted by Interpol detained in Slovakia
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TVN24 News in EnglishPolish suspected gang leader and drug smuggler demands safe conduct

Magdalena K. has been detained by Slovak and Hungarian police in the town of Zvolen in Slovakia. The woman was wanted by Polish police since 2018 and had Interpol Red Notice issued after her - portal has found out. She is suspected of leading an organised crime group responsible for dealing drugs.

Polish police issued an arrest warrant for Magdalena K. on November 24, 2018. Furthermore, Interpol also issued a Red Notice after the woman.

K. was the most wanted person in Poland. She was detained as a result of a dynamic police operation, shortly after crossing the Hungarian-Slovak border. Police officers smashed windows of a rented car driven by the suspect, detained the woman and took her to the local police station.

The woman is suspected of leading an organised crime group responsible for distributing drugs on a mass scale (the group has been charged of importing 5.5 tonnes of marijuana to Poland worth 88 million zlotys and 120 kilos of cocaine worth 4.3 million euro). The woman is also accused of obstructing justice, providing false statements and coercing other people into doing so.

The group, allegedly run by Magdalena K., was composed of three brothers Z.: Adrian, Jakub and Mariusz. The latter is in a relationship with the woman. The brothers were hooligans supporting Cracovia football club, and the structure of the crime group was based on the hooligan movement. At one point, the gang has monopolised the drug market in Kraków. Every month, narcotics worth 1.5 million euro were imported to Lesser Poland from Holland and Spain.

In summer of 2019, Magdalena K.'s attorney asked a court in Kraków to grant his client a safe conduct. The document would guarantee the woman would not be arrested upon returning to Poland and until the investigation has been finished. The court, however, denied the request.


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