Woman stands up for shop assistant and overpowers aggressive man

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Brave client overpowers aggressive man in local shopCCTV
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CCTVBrave client overpowers aggressive man in local shop

He wanted to return two beer bottles, but when the shop assistant refused, he got angry and verbally assaulted her. One of the clients, a woman, stood up for the troubled employee. After a short altercation, the man approached the young woman. She didn't hesitate and swiftly overpowered the aggressive man. The whole incident was captured on CCTV.

It all happened at 10am on Friday. A man walked into one of the local shops in Olsztyn and wanted to return two beer bottles. It turned out that the shop wasn't selling this kind of beer, and so the shop assistant refused to take the bottles. This made the man angry.

"He cussed the assistant out badly" - said Daria Turowska, the shop's owner.

One of the clients, a woman, stood up for the shop assistant. As the CCTV recording shows, the client and the man started to argue. A moment later, happened something that no one had expected. The young woman overpowered the aggressive man and threw down on the floor.

"She warned him several times, but when he approached her, she knocked him down nicely" - the shopkeeper said.

The police arrived at the scene. "The officers found a middle-aged man at the scene. He admitted to disturbing peace and public order, for which he was issued a 500-zloty ticket" - said Rafał Prokopczyk from Olsztyn Police.


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