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President Duda arrives in Rzeszów after his airplane made emergency landing

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Prezydent Andrzej Duda wylądował w Rzeszowie
Prezydent Andrzej Duda wylądował w RzeszowieTVN24
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TVN24President Andrzej Duda lands in Rzeszów

The airplane carrying Polish President Andrzej Duda to meet U.S. President Joe Biden in eastern Poland has made an emergency landing after returning to Warsaw, Duda's advisor Jakub Kumoch was cited as saying by state-run news agency PAP on Friday. After a short delay, the president has eventually departed for Rzeszów in another aircraft.

The airplane with president Andrzej Duda departed from Warsaw but shortly after turned back, which was recorded by the flightradar24 portal, as well as confirmed by the Warsaw Chopin Airport spokesperson Piotr Rudzki. "The plane had turn back and landed safely at 1:40 p.m." - the spokesperson said, not revealing exactly what caused the emergency landing.

The head of Duda's office, Pawel Szrot, told Reuters that the Polish president did not face any danger.

"The airplane carrying president Duda had to make an emergency landing. The plane returned to Warsaw. At the moment we're ahead of departing to Rzeszów in a substitute plane," the chief of the presidential International Policy Bureau, Jakub Kumoch, said shortly after 2 p.m.

He added in another statement that the programme of U.S. and Polish presidents' visit to Rzeszów would be slightly changed.

Eventually around 2:30 p.m., president Duda and his aides have departed from Warsaw in another aircraft.


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