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Cat returned to owner after being stolen by burglars

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The police have retrieved stolen goods, including the cat
The police have retrieved stolen goods, including the catWrocław Police
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Wrocław PoliceThe police have retrieved stolen goods, including the cat

A 28-year-old woman living in Wrocław lost hope she would ever see her cat again after it had been stolen by burglars. Luckily, officers from the criminal investigation unit managed to catch the perpetrators and retrieve the animal, together with its favourite scratching posts.

Criminal unit officers from the precinct at Grunwaldzka street in Wrocław took the case of the burglary. The items stolen from the woman's flat included huge TV, cat scratching posts, and worst of all - her female cat.

Retrieved cat and scratching post

As a result of a field operation, the police managed to locate the stolen TV in a local pawn shop. Further actions, detail of which the police did not disclose, helped them to identify alleged perpetrators. A 38- and 34-year old have been detained. The officers have also found the missing animal.

The cat has been safely returned to its ownerWrocław Police

"Immediately after finding the scratchers and the cat itself, the officers jumped in their car and drove straight to the woman's flat. By then she had already lost hope that her cat would be found safe and sound. When the police officers knocked at her door, the sorrow was instantly gone. The woman's eyes filled with tears of joy when she saw the her feline female friend, which she had been missing so much," said Aleksandra Rodecka from Wrocław Police press office.

The two men have been charged with theft, which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison. The court has taken a preventive measure against the accused and placed them under police supervision.

The police have also retrieved the stolen scratching postsWrocław Police


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