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Police: 6 dead, 96 drunk drivers on New Year's Eve

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Traffic police detained 96 drunk drivers on the last day of 2019OSP Plewiska, OSP Stęszew
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On the last day of 2019, there were 39 road accidents, in which 6 people died, 41 were injured, and 96 drunk drivers were detained - Commissioner Dawid Marciniak from General Police Headquarters informed on Wednesday.

The police informed that by Tuesday (31st December) midnight there had been 14.554 interventions across Poland, in which 334 people were caught red-handed, as well 189 searched persons.

Furthermore, the were 39 road accidents which resulted in 6 deaths and 41 injured. The police detained 96 drunk drivers.

Commissioner Marciniak said that New Year's Eve public events went safely. "We haven't recorded any serious incidents," he explained. "It was a peaceful night, the number of interventions wasn't higher than the usual weekend or holiday average," he added.

He also appealed to drivers to abide by the safety rules when it comes to operating vehicles.

Police also calls upon drivers to mind the fatigue factor when planning return trips, as it may affect driving.

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