Internet hater sentenced for insulting Jews, Germans and Ukrainians


The accused man voluntarily submitted himself to punishment (video from January 21)TVN24 News in English
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A very active internet hater was sentenced on Wednesday by a Wrocław court. For insulting foreigners for their ethnic identity, precisely 81 times, Jarosław F. will have to do community service for two years.


Jarosław F. was accused of insulting Jews, Germans and Ukrainians on internet forums, exactly 81 times, between September 2017 and February 2019. Among the victims of the attacks were the Israeli ambassador and the German consul. In the posts published by the man there were phrases such as: "primitive savages", "pig tribe", "pig nation", "scum", "kikes", "subhuman species".

Ashamed hater

The man faced the court on the July 10. He admitted his guilt but refused to give any statements. The court read out his statement recorded during the investigation. The man said at the time that he wasn't aware that he had been committing a crime and that that he had written the posts driven by emotions, due to his family history. Jarosław F. explained that his grandfather had been the only member of his family to survive the Volhynia Massacre. The accused admitted that he was ashamed of his deeds.

"Crimes of this sort have recently become frequent, but this particular case is unprecedented in Poland, due to the number and gravity of those comments," prosecutor Justyna Trzcińska said.

The accused man voluntarily submitted himself to punishment. Together with the prosecutor, the man settled for two years of restricted freedom in the form of community service performed 20 hours per month. Furthermore, the sentence is to published in a local newspaper, and the costs are to be covered by the accused. The prosecution decided that the proposed punishment will fulfill an educative function.


Wednesday's court session was just a formality as the judge had agreed to the proposed punishment already the previous week. The judge only read out the verdict and a short justification.

"Despite the common belief of people who posts such comments online, they are not anonymous, because the accused was identified and located fairly easily," judge Łukasz Franckiewicz said.

The judge underscored that it was the accused who proposed the punishment and expressed remorse in the courtroom. In the court's opinion, the punishment of two years of community service will fulfill an educative role for the accused, as well as promote legal awareness of the society.

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