Grandpa picks up the wrong child from a kindergarten

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Grandpa picks up the wrong boy from kindergarten
Grandpa picks up the wrong boy from kindergartenTVN24
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TVN24Grandpa picks up the wrong boy from kindergarten

More than 50 police officers searched for a 4-year-old boy, who had been picked up from a kindergarten by an elderly man. It turned out that instead of picking up his grandson, the man took the wrong child with him.

"The child was quickly located, the boy returned to his parents all safe and sound" - said Jagoda Stanicka of Lubartów Police Department.

On Friday, March 5, around 3 p.m., the police in Lubartów received a call about a missing child who had been picked up by an elderly man.

"Search operation was launched. More than 50 officers and a police dog were looking for the boy. Luckily, the kid was found soon, at a location determined by the police" - Stanicka said.

The boy was in the elderly man's home. It turned out the man wanted to pick up his grandson from the kindergarten, but due to a mix-up, he took another boy from the same class. When he realised he had taken the wrong child with him, the police were already at his place.

The man said it was an unfortunate mix-up. He explained both boys have the same name, all kids had been wearing masks and the child had been already dressed and ran towards him.

The police will investigate the incident, an inquiry has been launched into endangering a child. "Only once the investigation has been done, we'll decide to press charges against anyone" - Stanicka said.


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