Doctor Tomasz Karauda under police protection after receiving death threats

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Doctor Tomasz Karauda has received death threats
Doctor Tomasz Karauda has received death threatsTVN24 Łódź
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TVN24 ŁódźDoctor Tomasz Karauda has received death threats

People who threatened a Łódź doctor Tomasz Karauda, who promotes the COVID-19 vaccination programme, may be facing even up to five years in prison. "I've been promised death, my family too, we've been likened to Nazis," said the doctor, who has now been placed under police protection.

In early August, we reported about doctor Tomasz Karauda's statement filed at Łódź prosecutor's office. He was asked to so by the prosecutor, after receiving criminal threats. Prosecutor Krzysztof Kopania said the doctor was worried with the threats. "We assumed his worries were justified".

The prosecutor's office has launched an inquiry. Making criminal threats carries up to five years in prison. So far, no one has been charged, but the investigators say this should change very soon.

The police are now making sure dr Karauda is safe.

Dr Karauda is often invited as an expert by media outlets. He repeated on many occasions how the vaccination programme was important to him. Despite the threats, the doctor says he will continue to promote vaccinations in order to save lives.

"We have a moral obligation to encourage people to vaccinations. We owe it to those who died in the pandemic, and those who won't be able to fully recover. We're not giving up on our mission, despite the hate," the doctor said.

In his opinion, boundaries must be set clearly to prevent anti-vaxxers from getting away with attacks on health service.

"There is no consent for this. After all, human life depends on us - paramedics, nurses, doctors. Passive looking at evil with no reaction is silent consent for its existence," dr Karauda said.


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