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First mural of Kazimierz Górski in Poland unveiled in Białystok

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TVN24Mural of Kaziemierz Górski unveiled in Białystok

A likeness of Kazimierz Górski can now be seen in a mural painted on the wall of Primary School No. 37 in Białystok. The most successful coach of Poland's national football team is the school's patron. The unveiling date was not a coincidence. On September 10, 1972, "Górski's Eagles" won gold at summer Olympics in Munich after defeating Hungary 2:1 in the final match.

Kazimierz Górski Primary School No. 37 in Białystok decided to mark the 100th anniversary of its patron's birthday in a special way.

Artist knows as M. Ceirowski has painted a mural on the school's wall, which was unveiled on Friday, September 10.

Mural of Kazimierz Górski by M. CeirowskiAdam Ludwiczak/ UM w Białymstoku

Family and one "Górski's Eagle" at the ceremony

The unveiling ceremony was attended by Kazimierz Górski's family members. Moreover, one of the coach's "Eagles" - Jerzy Adam Kraska - also took part. 49 years ago, Kraska played in the legendary final of the Munich Olympics, in which Poland defeated Hungary 2:1.

"I can't imagine missing such festivity. We, the former players, try to keep the memory of the coach to live for as long as possible. Even forever," Jerzy Adam Kraska told TVN24.

The ceremony was also attended by hammer throw gold medalist Wojciech Nowicki, who is a graduate of the school. "I'm very happy I had a chance to visit my old stomping ground," he said.

Kazimierz Górski has been the school's patron since 2008, when it was named to mark 25 years of its foundation.

The idea was proposed by the school communityAdam Ludwiczak/ UM w Białymstoku


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