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"It's not a shield I'm holding". Mysterious WWII-era finding

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Polish archeologists find a film reel canister from WWII-era
Polish archeologists find a film reel canister from WWII-eraMuzeum Regionalne w Lubaniu
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Muzeum Regionalne w LubaniuPolish archeologists find a film reel canister from WWII-era

A film canister from the WWII era has been found in Lubań, Lower Silesia. The metal container is practically intact and, according to a local museum, hides an old film reel. Is there a film recorded on it, or more importantly, can it be played? These questions are to be answered real soon.

"This thing I'm holding, it's not a shield. It's a film reel in an intact canister from the WWII-era" - the Regional Museum in Lubań wrote in a Facebook post. The canister was found on April 17, during archeological exploration at Piramowicza street.

What could possibly be hidden inside is still a mystery. Experts have been asked to help find out. "We've sent it to Filmoteka in Warsaw for an expertise. We didn't open the canister, so as not to damage its contents. Therefore, we don't know what's on the tape" - director of the Regional Museum in Lubań Łukasz Tekiela told TVN24.

Does the old WWII-era tape contain a propaganda film, or maybe some old blockbuster? We're likely to find out already in April. The canister was found in a place where in the 17th century a building had stood that later burned down.

At the end of the WWII, Tekiela said, an anti-aircraft trench stretched across the square and was later buried together with various objects. Now these objects are being dug out after more than seven decades. "Apart from the film canister, also WWII and 19th-century weapons were discovered in the trench, as well as a variety of everyday use items" - the museum director said.


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