9-year-old boy brings unexploded WWII anti-aircraft missile home

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Chłopiec przyniósł do domu pocisk
Chłopiec przyniósł do domu pocisk
Małopolska policja
Lesser Poland PoliceThe boy brought the missile home to his dad

A resident of the Mościce district in the city of Tarnów (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) called the police after his 9-year-old son had brought an object resembling a missile. It later turned out that it was indeed an unexploded ordnance from the WWII period.

The boy found the ordnance in the grass and brough it home. His father decided to call the police.

Tarnów police officers specialising in mines and pyrotechnics arrived at the scene. "They identified the rusty object as a 30-milimetre anti-aircraft missile from the World War II period," said Lesser Poland Police spokesperson Sebastiań Gleń.

The boy's father called the policeLesser Poland Police

"In consultation with Polish Army sappers from Rzeszów, a decision was made to secure the missile in line with their recommendations, as well as not to evacuate local residents," the spokesperson informed. The unexploded ordnance was secured at the police station, and the next day it was picked up and neutralised by a sapper patrol from the 21st Command Battalion in Rzeszów.

The police remind to exercise extreme caution when dealing with unexploded ordnances.

The 9-year-old brought the missile homeLesser Poland Police


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