SLD and Wiosna merge into New Left

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SLD i Wiosna oficjalnie łączą siły jako Nowa Lewica. "Lewica zawsze wygrywa, kiedy idzie zjednoczona"TVN24
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TVN24SLD i Wiosna oficjalnie łączą siły jako Nowa Lewica. "Lewica zawsze wygrywa, kiedy idzie zjednoczona"

SLD and Wiosna politicians have received proper approval from the court and are set to merge the two parties into a New Left formation.

The idea of the left-wing coalition dates back to late 2019, when the SLD had decided to change its statute. That's when the name - the New Left party - was coined.

Since then, the District Court for Warsaw and the Court of Appeals have been examining motions submitted by both parties. SLD secretary general Marcin Kulasek confirmed that a positive decision had been made.

Leader of SLD and Wiosna, Włodzimierz Czarzasty and Robert Biedroń, announced the merger at a press conference in the Sejm on Wednesday.

"Left wing always wins when walks united. Divided it loses. Today we walk hand in hand. It's a good sign for Poland" - Mr Biedroń said.

He reminded that the left wing had "marched to power" after uniting in 2000, and added that Poland had joined the EU at the time. "Years of left wing government were a huge leap forward for Poland" - Robert Biedroń said.

"This a new chapter not only for us, but also for Poland. For all those who place their trust in a fair and just Poland, sensitive and inclusive, Poland of sustainable development" - he added.

He also said a programme convention would be held in the summer.

At the conference, Robert Biedroń and Włodzimierz Czarzasty pinned logos of the new party on each other.


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