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Deputy PM proposes schedule of gradual reopening of economy

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President Andrzej Duda, Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin and PM's office chief Michał Dworczyk on Tuesday met with representatives of industries shut down due to the pandemic. Among the topics they discussed was reopening of the economy. Gowin proposed a draft schedule and dates.

President Andrzej Duda said at the meeting in the Presidential Palace that it was his top priority to reopen the economy, but to do it wisely. "We are happy to see first drops in infection rate as we speak. I hope that in the coming weeks that number will continue to fall and we're keeping our fingers crossed that in the summer we will completely defeat the coronavirus" - he said.

He added "it means Polish economy, especially the industries that have suffered the most during the pandemic, will be able to reopen, and business owners will be able to try to return to normal functioning". "I say 'to try' as I'm a realist and I know there will be many problems along the way".

The president also warned that if this process is launched recklessly, the infections rate could go up again. "I have no doubts, however, that we should launch this process, and do it as soon as possible" - Duda stressed.

"At a debate organised by President Andrzej Duda I've proposed, under proper sanitary regime starting May 4, to fully reopen retail businesses, restaurant gardens, 50 precent of hotel rooms, fitness clubs and other services" - Jarosław Gowin said on Twitter.

Gowin also said he would propose a draft timeline of economy reopening on Wednesday at a crisis management unit meeting.

In his opinion, the "unfreezing schedule" should be dynamic, in order to have the whole economy reopened on June 1, at least under sanitary regime.


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