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Broadcasting council: two votes were held over TVN24's licence extension

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Kantar poll: should the ruling party have influence on content broadcast by TVN?
Kantar poll: should the ruling party have influence on content broadcast by TVN?TVN24
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TVN24Kantar poll: should the ruling party have influence on content broadcast by TVN?

Two votes were held on Thursday regarding licence extention for TVN24 - spokesperson for Poland's National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) Teresa Brykczyńska told TVN24. "No decision has been made so far," she added. TVN24's current broadcasting licence expires in 66 days. The KRRiT has been examining the station's licence extension request for 17 months now.

Authors of a bill, put forward by a group of PiS MPs on July 7, argue that it aims at "clarifying regulations enabling the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) to effectively counteract the possibility of radio and television broadcasters to be taken over by any entities from outside the European Union, including entities from countries posing an immediate threat to state security".

Commentators and experts agree that the planned changes are meant to target TVN. TVN24 channel is still waiting for the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) to extend its licence. The current one expires on September 26. The station filed for an extension in February 2020.

The KRRiT claims the problem lies in the "ownership situation" of the TVN Group. The company said in a statement that in 2015 the council had approved entry of American capital into TVN.

TVN24 is still waiting for its licence to be extended by the National Broadcasting Council. The current licence expires on September 26, that is in 66 days.

Spokesperson for the KRRiT Teresa Brykczyńska commented on the issue on Thursday. She said that "the National Council has been working on this process for some time now, as the procedure has indeed taken quite long".

"Today, two votes were held again. One for granting the extension, and the other for not granting it. Unfortunately, neither of the two proposals received working majority," she said. "No decision has been made so far."

Brykczyńska also said that the proceedings regarding TVN24's licence extension would be continued.

Asked about the concerns raised by those members of the council who voted against the extension, she said that "it's all about ownership relations". "I think it's quite important. It has to correspond with the law," she said referring to Article 35 of the Broadcasting Act.

Reminded that the KRRiT had previously granted licence extension to TVN24 based on the very same rules, the spokesperson said: "These regulations are ambiguous. There are loopholes that need to be specified".

Since 2016 - under the same ownership situation - the KRRiT has already granted licence for TVN24 BiS, TTV and TVN International West channels. Asked about this fact, Brykczyńska said: "This is a question for the National Council members. I can't speak on their behalf".

Asked if the KRRiT would now wait for the media law amendment, the spokesperson replied that "it's hard to say". "We have a deadline in this case. At the same the amendment is underway. No wonder that it takes so long."


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