PM's aide: disability care centres with vaccination priority

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TVN24Michał Dworczyk announced vaccination plan for people with disabilities

COVID-19 vaccinations in care centres for people with disabilities will begin on May 10 - the chief of the PM's office Michał Dworczyk said on Friday. He added that vaccine orders for these institutions would be treated with priority by the Government Strategic Reserves Agency.

The head of prime minister's office Michał Dworczyk said after a meeting with representatives of people with disabilities community the government has proposed 4 solutions for this group.

- Vaccination priority for people with certified severe level of disability and their caregivers at general vaccination points. There will be no need for them to book appointments via hotline or online - registration at the general vaccination point will suffice.

- Vaccinations in care centres for people with disabilities to be carried out through the existing network of vaccination points.

- Mobile vaccination points are to be involved in vaccinations carried out at patients' homes (with a single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine). Vaccinations will be carried out by individual paramedics, nurses and midwives.

- Lists of not vaccinated people with disabilities will be delivered to health centres with request for priority treatment.

Dworczyk informed that the proposed solutions would become effective starting May 10.


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