PM: on May 10 we want to open registration to all people over 18

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TVN24Premier: chcemy, aby od 10 maja każdy dorosły mógł zapisywać się na szczepienie

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Monday he hoped that every person in Poland would be willing to get vaccinated. The government plans to open registration for all people over 18 on May 10.

Poland launched first general vaccination points on Monday. The first stage of the process assumes opening 16 points, one per each province. Ultimately 471 stations are planned to be opened across the country.

Points in towns and cities of up to 50,000 residents are expected to vaccinate 200 people daily, whereas those of over 50,000 - at least 500.

The first one pilot station has been opened in Legnica, in Dolnośląskie region. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and government vaccinations coordinator Michał Dworczyk visited the facility on Monday morning.

Morawiecki said the station in Legnica will be able to vaccinate at least 1,000 people daily. He added, that according to the management, the number could be even higher, if more vaccines are delivered. "We're in a key moment of the whole vaccination process" - he said.

"Starting May 10, we want ensure that every citizen over 18 would be able to receive electronic referral and register for vaccination" - Morawiecki said. He added he hoped that this way every willing Pole would get vaccinated by the end of August or even earlier. "Again, it all depends on the number of doses delivered to Poland" - the PM stressed.

"I hope that every Pole will be willing to receive vaccination" - he added.

PM's aide Michał Dworczyk said details of the May registration would be announced on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Health on Monday reported 7,283 cases of coronavirus infection and 101 COVID-related deaths.

Since the start of the pandemic, Poland has reported 2,695,327 infections and 62,133 deaths.


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