"He went down as if struck by a lightning". Pedestrian hit on a crosswalk

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After being hit, the 35-year-old man laid on the street motionless for a longer whileLubusz Voivodeship Police
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He was crossing the street on a crosswalk and got hit by a woman driving a fiat. "The man went down as if struck by a lightning," said Marcin Maludy from Lubusz Police.


The 35-year-old was hit on Tuesday, shortly after 6 pm in Żagań (Lubusz Voivodeship), on Kolejowa street.

The man was crossing the street on a crosswalk. When he was on the second lane, the woman driving a seicento ploughed into the pedestrian. The man noticed in the last second that the car didn't stop before the zebra crossing. He tried to take a step back butit was too late - the car hit him.

"Didn't notice"

"The man went down as if struck by a lightning," said Marcin Maludy from Lubusz Police.

The situation looked very serious. The 35-year-old laid still on the road for a while. An ambulance was called. It turned out the man hadn't sustained any serious injuries.

"The 67-year-old driver did not exercise proper caution. Explanation that she didn't notice the pedestrian cannot be treated as sufficient," Maludy stressed.

Next stop: courtroom

Despite the accident being qualified as a road collision, the case will end up in court.

"Taking into account the possible dangers of the accident, the police refrained from issuing a ticket and referred the case to the court. The officers also took away the woman's drivier's license," Maludy explained.

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