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Prime minister: masks mandatory across the whole of Poland from Saturday

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Prime Minister Morawiecki announces coronavirus restrictions for Poland
Prime Minister Morawiecki announces coronavirus restrictions for PolandTVN24
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TVN24Prime Minister Morawiecki announces coronavirus restrictions for Poland

The whole of Poland will become a yellow zone from Saturday (October 10) on - Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at a press conference on Thursday, as the country grapples with a sharp spike in coronavirus cases. Furthermore, wearing masks outside will be compulsory across the whole of the country.

"We've decided that from October 10 on, we're introducing new restrictions within the yellow zones across the whole country" - PM Morawiecki said at a joint conference with health minister Adam Niedzielski. "One of the reasons behind the decision is that already today we would have about 100 counties in the yellow zone. That's one third of the country" - he added.

However, the prime minister said that the country will still aim to avoid a total lockdown in an effort to shield the economy.

"The country is some steps away from having a shortage of hospital beds for coronavirus patients" - Morawiecki informed.

He added that virus restrictions for schools might need to become to be stricter.

"If the situation continues to escalate and there will be a necessity to introduce new measures, we don't exclude the possibility," Mateusz Morawiecki said when asked if Poland could introduce a state of emergency.

There are 314 counties and 66 cities with county rights in Poland.

The prime minister said that the choice was between introducing restrictions on movement in individual provinces or implementing curbs across the whole country. The government has chosen the latter.

From Saturday, new restrictions will become effective for the yellow zone.

Restrictions for the yellow zone (the whole of Poland):

Masks - covering mouth and nose mandatory in closed and open spaces

Public transport - vehicles may carry as many people as there are seats, or half as many as there are seats and standing spaces combined

Sporting and cultural events - up to 25 percent of maximum capacity

Open space cultural events - up to 100 people

Restaurants - one person per four square metres, clients must wear masks until seated, staff must wear masks at all times

Gatherings - up to 150 people, participants must wear masks and keep 1,5-metre distance, at least 100 metres of distance between different gatherings

Churches - if taking place inside a building participants must wear masks, excluding ceremony leader, whereas when held outside, participants must keep 1,5-metre distance or wear masks

Fairgrounds, amusement parks, recreational facilities - one person per ten square metres

Fitness clubs - one person per seven square metres

Cinemas - up to 25 percent of maximum capacity

Weddings and other family events - up to 75 people excluding the staff (these changes become effective from October 17), it's allowed not to wear masks at such events

Other events and gatherings - up to 100 people excluding the staff

Night clubs and discos - still have to remain closed.


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