Official results of Poland's presidential vote announced

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PKW announced official results of presidential electionTVN24
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TVN24PKW announced official results of presidential election

The National Electoral Commission (PKW) on Monday evening announced the official results of the second round of presidential election. Andrzej Duda won 51,03 percent of votes, while Rafał Trzaskowski - 48,97 percent. The turnout was 68,18 percent.

"The marathon has come to an end," said the chairman of the PKW Sylwester Marciniak and announced the results.

Andrzej Duda won 51,03 percent of votes, which translates into 10,440,648 voters.

Rafał Trzaskowski won 48,97 percent of votes, which is 10,018,263 voters.

According to the final results announced by the PKW, the difference between the candidates was 422,385 votes.

"Andrzej Sebastian Duda has been elected president of the Republic of Poland," the PKW chairman announced.

The voter turnout was 68,18 percent, said the PKW.

Furthermore, there were 177,724 invalid votes cast in the second round, which is 0,18 percent of all votes.

Commenting on the results, judge Marciniak said at the conference that "the election was a big win for all citizens of Poland".

"First and foremost, I want to thank millions of voters who, despite the pandemic and summer holidays, went to polling stations or sent their votes by post and set a 21st century record turnout in presidential elections," he added.


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