Morawiecki: I confirm Poland and Hungary have parted ways

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Morawiecki: drogi Polski i Węgier się rozeszły
Morawiecki: drogi Polski i Węgier się rozeszły
TVN24Morawiecki: Poland and Hungary have parted ways

Commenting on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's words, his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki said on Friday (July 29) that "Poland and Hungary have parted ways". He denied Poland was taking part in the war in Ukraine, saying that his country was only making efforts to help the Ukrainians "to survive the brutal Russian attack" and "keep territorial integrity".

During Friday's meeting with farmers in the village of Kózki (Masovian Voivodeship), Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was asked if he agreed with the words by his Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban, who had said on July 23 that the war in Ukraine had shaken Polish-Hungarian cooperation, which is an axis of the Visegrad Group.

Orban had also said that although both countries had the same goals, the Hungarians looked saw the conflict in Ukraine a war between two Slavic nations, whereas - in his view - Poles "feel like they are fighting in it too".

"I confirm the words of prime minister Orban that Poland and Hungary have parted ways," Morawiecki said on Friday.

Morawiecki: Poland is not taking any part in the war in Ukraine

The head of the Polish government also declared that "Poland is not taking any part in the war in Ukraine". "The war is fought by the Ukrainians," he added. "The heroic fight of the Ukrainians is supported by weapons - mainly American, but also British, Polish and from many other places - practically from all over Europe, whose goal is to help them (the Ukrainians - edit.) in defending (their - edit.) sovereignty," he said.

Morawiecki explained that through its actions Poland was only trying to help Ukraine "to survive the push of the outnumbering enemy, the aggressor, the brutal Russian attack".

"We want Ukraine to survive and keep its territorial integrity, its sovereignty. I believe it will happen," said Polish prime minister.


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