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Message in the bottle from 1980s found at a demolition site

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Lubsko. Podczas wyburzania znaleźli list w butelce (materiał z 9.12.2021)
Lubsko. Podczas wyburzania znaleźli list w butelce (materiał z 9.12.2021)FB - OSIR w Lubsku
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FB - OSIR w LubskuLubsko. Podczas wyburzania znaleźli list w butelce

A letter in a bottle from 40 years back has been found during demolition of old facilities at Karaś Reservoir in Lubsko, (Lubuskie Voivodeship). A sheet of paper with a few sentences was hidden by members of the crew which constructed the object in 1980s.

Construction of a modern touristic information centre is underway at Karaś Reservoir in Lubsko (Lubuskie Voivodeship). According to local Sports and Recreation Centre, the new building will replace old washing facilities and changing rooms.

However, in order for something new to emerge, what already exists needs to be removed. And this way, during demolition of old washing facilities, a group of workers have found a bottle with a letter from 40 years back.

A letter from 40 years back

A few sentences were written on a folded piece of checkered paper. "This building was constructed by inmates of Lubsko penitentiary in June 1981. Julian – Poznań. Stefan – Zielona Góra, Werner – Nowe Miasteczko".

"Somehow this bottle survived. Inside there was a letter from 40 years back. We weren't expecting it at all," said Robert Ściłba, director of Sports and Recreation Centre in Lubsko. "We've published photos of the finding online. It evoked positive reactions from local residents. A few decades ago many investments were carried out in community action, often assisted by prisoners.

A small letter from 1981FB - OSiR w Lubsku

Some internet users have shared their childhood memories under the photos posted online. "I used to run to them and carry tea in a milk bottle and sandwiches which my mother prepared. Later on, after serving his time, one of them visited us and, as a token of gratitude, he gave me Chinese wooden building blocks," one woman wrote. "(...) The pavement along the whole Robotnicza Street was laid by inmates too. At the time, our moms used to cook more food for lunch and us kids used to bring it to them" - another person mentioned.

If everything goes as planned, the investment in Lubsko should be completed next year. "I hope the new buildings will be as reliable as the old," said the director of the facility.


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