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"An accumulation of flights". Huge crowd of passengers at Warsaw airport

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Despite calls and appeals to stay at home, many Poles have decided to fly on holidays abroad. We've received a photo on our Kontakt24 platform, showing a large crowd of passengers in the departures terminal at Warsaw Chopin Airport. Even up 1,000 people stood next to each other and kept no distance between themselves.

The photo was taken and sent to us by Agnieszka, who on Thursday had a flight from Warsaw. She was surprised by the crowd. "Some 1,000 people in a small space (...). The photo taken on 01.04.2021 at 16.50, I stood 2h in this crowd waiting for passport control" - she wrote and attached the photo.

The photograph shows long queues of passengers waiting, not keeping distance.

Large crowd in departures hall at Warsaw airportAgnieszka, Kontakt 24

TVN24 reporter Agata Zamęcka watched the situation at the Warsaw airport on Friday. "Today, the situation looks totally different than what we saw on the photos yesterday. A few, sometimes maybe a dozen, people wait in a single line, all keep the distance".

Why the situation looked so much worse on Thursday then? The airport spokesman Piotr Rudzki told Agata Zamęcka there had been "an accumulation of flights". "The spokesman told me that when there are more than 400 people in the departures terminal, the coordinators inform people waiting outside that they need to stay there, as there are too many people inside" - the reporter said.

She added the spokesman denied that there had been even 1,000 people in the departures terminal on Thursday.

Crowds enjoying spring in cities

Crowds in Wrocław keeping no social distance and wearing no masksTVN24 Wrocław

Dozens gathered in the two most popular spots in Wrocław on Wednesday (March 31). The majority did not bother with keeping social distance and wearing masks. Similar situation took place in Szczecin.

TVN24 crew counted over one hundred people at the Słodowa Island and Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard.

Nice weather also attracted crowds of young people in Szczecin. Many chose not to wear masks and hanged out in small groups at the Odra river boulevards.

Crowds at the Odra boulevards in SzczecinTVN24


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