U.S. Ambassador stands behind "Fakty" TVN and Discovery

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Statement by Fakty TVN editorial team
Statement by Fakty TVN editorial teamFakty TVN
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Fakty TVNStatement by Fakty TVN editorial team

U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, commented in a tweet on the announcement made last week by "Fakty" TVN anchor Grzegorz Kajdanowicz on behalf of the editorial team, in response to a wave of attacks on TVN and its journalists, made by state-owned TVP television.

Ambassador Mosbacher tweeted on Monday (April 20): "FaktyTVN is part of the Discovery family - a publicly traded US company listed on the NY Stock Exchange, committed to transparency, freedom of speech, and independent, responsible journalism. To suggest otherwise is simply false".

Statement by "Fakty" TVN

On Friday (April 17), "Fakty" TVN editorial team issued a statement in response to attacks launched by TVP (state-owned Telewizja Polska) on TVN and its journalists.

"Our mission is to cover all important issues, regardless of who is in power, and the affiliation of the people our stories focus on," the editorial team underscored in the statement.

"Unlike the state-owned television, we are independent, also financially. Our owner is a New-York-Stock-Exchange-listed, American company - Discovery - which safeguards freedom of speech as a fundamental principle," it was added.

"The role of a journalist is honest work for the public, not political parties. This is especially important nowadays, in these difficult times, when all Poles depend on reliable information. We do not work for politicians, but for our viewers - and it is you, ladies and gentlemen, who judge our work everyday" - the editorial team stressed.


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