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30 years ago first McDonald's restaurant in Poland opened in Warsaw

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Otwarcie pierwszej restauracji McDonald's w Polsce
Fakty TVNOpening of the first McDonald's restaurant in Poland

Exactly 30 years ago - on June 17, 1992 - the first McDonald's restaurant in Poland was opened in Warsaw. The opening day attracted tens of thousands Poles eager to get "a taste of the West". Thirty years have passed and the fast-food chain now hires approx 25,000 employees in 500 restaurants across Poland.

On the 17th of June, 1992, a large crowd of people gathered at the corner of Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska streets in downtown Warsaw. They wanted to witness the opening of the first McDonald's restaurant in Poland, and one of the first ones in this part of Europe.

At the time, the fact that a famous American fast-food chain decided to open a branch in central Warsaw was seen as a symbol of fast-approaching changes, and carried along a certain "taste of the West" that many locals were hungry for.

The first McDonald's in Poland

On the opening day alone, clients placed over 13,300 orders, which became McDonald's new world record at the time. The company estimated that approx. 45,000 people had entered the restaurant on the first day. Among the guests were the then labour and social policy minister Jacek Kuroń, writer and poet Agnieszka Osiecka, and legendary football coach Kazimierz Górski.

Warsaw 17.06.1992. The first McDonald's restaurant opens in central WarsawGrzegorz Press/PAP

At the then exchange rate, the prices had been calculated in thousands of zlotys, but after Poland carried out redenomination of its currency, McDonald's flagship burger could be yours for only 2.50 PLN. Nowadays, it's worth severalfold more.

The success of the restaurant, the chain started to grow rapidly in Poland and introduced never-before-seen solutions such as McDrive window for motorists. The first one was opened in 1994 in the city of Częstochowa. After thirty years in the country, the company operates 500 restaurants, which employ approx. 25,000 people.

The first McDonald's in Poland had operated until 2014, when "Sezam" department store - where the restaurant was located - was closed and dismantled. A year and a half later, McDonald's opened a new restaurant in a neighbouring building.


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