EU Commission to examine recent rule of law developments in Poland

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On Wednesday, at this year's last session, the European Commission will examine recent developments in Poland regarding the rule of law. The Commission's spokeswoman said on Tuesday that although changes to the Supreme Court law are going in the right direction, the amendment still haven't entered into force.

"The Commission will listen to Vice Chairman Frans Timmermans' presentation of recent developments regarding Poland, especially in the light of yesterday's ruling (by the ECJ)," said the spokesperson for the EC Mina Andreeva. She pointed to the fact the ECJ reaffirmed the EC's standpoint in regard to this issue.

She added that the EU executive acknowledged the fact of President Andrzej Duda's ratification of the amendment to the Supreme Court law. "We stress, however, that the amendment still has to be published to fully enter into force," she said.

"We are satisfied with the recent changes that are going in the right direction. We will look into them," announced Andreeva.

President Andrzej Duda signed on Monday the amendment to the Supreme Court law that allows the judges who were sent to retirement after reaching 65 years of age to return to the court duties.

The European Court of Justice ruled earlier on Monday that Poland must immediately suspend a new law that lowered the age of retirement of its Supreme Court judges, provisionally backing the European Commission in its battle with Warsaw.

The top court had already asked Poland in an interim judgment in October to halt the overhaul of its Supreme Court and to reinstate judges forced into early retirement. The court on Monday backed this ruling, saying the suspension of the Polish law was justified.

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