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Driver fined for speeding 245 km/h without valid vehicle inspection

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Dwukrotnie przekroczył prędkość na S52
Dwukrotnie przekroczył prędkość na S52śląska policja
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śląska policjaDwukrotnie przekroczył prędkość na S52

A 50-year-old driver who was going twice the speed limit on the S52 expressway between Żywiec and Cieszyn (Silesian Voivodeship), was issued a fine and received 10 penalty points. As it turned out, his sports car did not undergo a periodic inspection.

Officer from SPEED, a road police department in Bielsko-Biała, were patrolling the S52 expressway between Żywiec and Cieszyn. Suddenly, they spotted a sports nissan going exceeding the speed limit. The police radar indicated the driver was going 245 km/h at a section where the maximum speed was lower than half that number.

Speeding ticket and penalty points

The officers stopped the man, who turned out to be a 50-year-old resident of Bielsko-Biała. He did not have a valid motor vehicle inspection marked in his registration card, and so the police confiscated the document.

For exceeding the speed limit, the driver was fined 500 zlotys and received 10 penalty points.

The driver was going more than twice the speed limitśląska policja


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