Beatification of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński on June 7, 2020 in Warsaw

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Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński will be beatified on June 7, 2020 at the Piłsudski Square in Warsaw. The ceremony will be conducted by a Vatican envoy, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, His Eminence Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu - the Archbishop of Warsaw Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz informed on Monday.


Pope Francis has recognized a miracle attributed to the late Polish Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, a revered icon of his country's resistance to communism in the post-war period, a step that moves him closer to sainthood.

A Vatican statement from early October said the pope had approved a decree recognising a miracle attributed to Wyszyński, who died in 1981 and was very close to Pope John Paul II, also a Pole.

Wyszyński spent three years in prison or under house arrest in the early 1950s during repression of religion by communist governments.

The miraculous healing through the intercession of the Primate concerns a young woman, a resident of Szczecin, who suffered from thyroid cancer 24 years ago. After an operation it turned out that there were metastasis. Doctors did not assure about any chances to live. Then her despaired family started praying for her health, through the intercession of cardinal Wyszyński. And, unexpectedly, the woman recovered. She has been alive now. The tumor disappeared, although from the medical point of view, the improvement of her health did not seem to happen.

Approval of the miracle means Wyszyński will be beatified. Initially, the Vatican did not give the date of the beatification ceremony, however it's now been set for June 7, 2020. Such ceremonies are usually held in the Vatican, but in case of Wyszyński it will be organised in Warsaw at the Piłsudski Square.

The Catholic Church teaches that only God performs miracles but that saints who are believed to be with God in heaven intercede on behalf of people who pray to them. A miracle is usually the medically inexplicable healing of a person.

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