"Breast augmentation with the Aquafilling gel". Report by "Superwizjer" TVN

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"Superwizjer" TVN report: some women nearly ended up dead after using Aquafilling gel to augment their breastSuperwizjer TVN
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Aquafilling was supposed to be a cutting-edge and fully safe method of breast augmentation. It's been available on the Polish market for a few years now. Thousands of women have decided to use this method. Some of them ended up in hospitals with severe health problems. "Superwizjer" TVN journalist Michał Fuja spoke with them, doctors, as well as managed to find people responsible for production and marketing of this dangerous product.

In 2013, a new alternative for implants appeared on breast augmenatation market in Poland. The Aquafilling gel injection method, designed for body shaping, was supposed to be non-invasive and fully safe for the organism. It was also meant to be absorbed by the body within five years.

A few years after using the method, plastic surgery wards started to fill with women who nearly paid for their decisions with their lives. It is estimated that even up to 6.000 women may be facing similiar problems.

They have been convinced to using the Aquafilling method by information saying the product consisted in 98 percent of water, that the procedure wouldn't be permanent, and the gel would get absorbed after five years. "No cutting, no surgery, no leave of absence needed, no need to stay in a hospital," one of the women who used the method reveals the list of advantages she had been reassured with.

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