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Gdańsk Zoo shows off a unique albino penguin

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An albino pengiun made its debut appearance at a Polish Zoo on Friday - the only bird of its kind in captivity, said staff.

The world's only albino penguin raised in captivity made its public debut on Friday.

The bird, whose gender is unknown, tentatively stepped out of its shelter in Gdańsk Zoo, sticking close to other members of its flock.

The penguin, who hatched in December, caused a stir when it arrived due to its unusual colouring, said penguin keeper Tomasz Fiołkowski. Zoo staff said it is the only bird of its kind in captivity.

Despite its eye-catching plumage making it a hit with keepers, the albino penguin would stand out for the wrong reasons in the wild, said Gdańsk Zoo director Michał Targowski.

The bird would be the first to be attacked by predators, said Targowski, and would also run the risk of being rejected by the rest of the flock.

After hatching the bird was kept apart from the rest of the flock for its safety. It is now being cared for by its parents as well as two older birds.

Albinism is a congenital disorder causing total or partial lack of pigment that results in white hair, feathers and fur and pink eyes in people and animals.

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