TVN24 fact-checkers Konkret24 win Grand Press Digital award


Beata Biel, Chief Editor of Konkret24, speaking at the Grand Press Awards 2019 TVN24 News in English
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Konkret24, team of journalists working within portal, won the Grand Press Digital award on Tuesday. The prize is handed out to media displaying innovative approach to using modern technologies in journalistic work. Among other winners, there was Bertold Kittel - journalist from "Superwizjer" TVN - for uncovering that Poland's chief auditor had been renting his tenement building to figures from criminal underworld, and Lech Dawidowicz from TVN24's "Czarno na Białym" for his report on the Pegasus system. The former won the prize in the Investigative Journalism category, whereas the latter in the Specialised Journalism.

Konkret24 was launched in October 2018 as part of the portal. Its main focus lies in uncovering lies and manipulation in the internet and in comments by public figures. The team detects and debunks fake news, performs fact-checking, analyses online information and verifies data. Konkret24 team is led by Beata Biel. In the first year of operating the authors have published nearly 600 articles.

The service was the first one to write about asset declarations of the Polish National Foundation, as well as unjustified delays in publishing substantiations of court verdicts by the chairman of the new National Council of the Judiciary (KRS), judge Leszek Mazur. Furthermore, Konkret24 revealed that Maciej Nawacki was the author of a complaint filed to the Personal Data Protection Office regarding support lists for the new KRS.

Grand Press Digital

Apart from Konkret24 there were three other nominees to this year's Grand Press Digital award: English-language news service about Poland "Notes from Poland", analytical centre SpotData by "Puls Biznesu", and "Śledztwo Pisma" podcast.

The nominees in this year's edition, the 7th, have been selected by the organiser - the editorial team of the "Press" bimonthly - after collecting opinions from 31 experts representing digital media, publishers, broadcasters, research companies, start-ups and interactive agencies.

The award has been established by "Press" magazine and the Grand Press Foundation. The Grand Press Awards are being handed out to the authors of the best press, radio, TV and internet materials published in a given year.

All winners

Journalist of the year: Tomasz Sekielski (for "Tell No One", a 2019 documentary about child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Poland)

Bohdan Tomaszewski Award: Michał Kołodziejczyk (WP Sportowe Fakty)

Grand Press Economy: Grzegorz Osiecki (Dziennik Gazeta Prawna)

Grand Press Digital: Konkret24

News: Magdalena Gałczyńska (Onet)

Investigative journalism: Bertold Kittel (Superwizjer TVN)

Opinion journalism: Rafał Woś (Tygodnik Powszechny)

Press report: Bożena Aksamit (Gazeta Wyborcza - Duży Format)

TV/video report: Tomasz Sekielski and Mare Sekielski (Sekielski, YouTube)

Radio report: Jolanta Rudnik and Andrzej Rudnik (Polskie Radio Koszalin)

Interview: Robert Mazurek (Dziennik Gazeta Prawna)

Specialised journalism: Lech Dawidowicz (Czarno na Białym)

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