Czarno na białym

"Don Stanislao". The Other Face of Cardinal Dziwisz

Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz. On the one hand, the legendary personal secretary and friend of Pope John Paul II, who called him "irreplacable". On the other, as our interviewees say - a mighty hierarch, a gray eminence who can look after the particular interests of the Church. Also when it concerns cases involving victims of pedophilia in Poland and worldwide. - My case is not the only one covered up by Cardinal Dziwisz – says Janusz Szymik, who was 12 when a priest sexually abused him.


Marcin Gutowski, the reporter of TVN24’s investigative program "Czarno na białym" shows the second, unknown face of the cardinal. He talks to the vicitms of sexual abuse by priests in Poland, by Theodore McCarrick and Maciel Degollado, and those who tried to make those cases public and judged.


First broadcast in Poland on November 8th. Polish version