Ian Brzezinski: the Warsaw speech is an important step in the evolution of Trump's policy


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Ian Brzezinski: the Warsaw speech is an important step in the evolution of Trump's policyTVN24 BiS
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The words spoken by Donald Trump – who reaffirmed NATO's commitment to collective defense in accordance with the treaty signed by the United States and its allies – mean that any doubts about this commitment can be put aside, Ian Brzezinski, consultant of the Atlantic Council think-tank and chairman of the Brzezinski Group think-tank, told TVN24 BiS during the Global Forum.

According to Brzezinski, the speech on the Krasiński Square was an important step in the evolution of President Trump's foreign policy.

According to the expert, the American President strongly articulated the commitment implied by Article 5 of the NATO treaty on collective defense. In his opinion, after Donald Trump's speech, any doubts about the U.S. commitment to the defense of its NATO allies can be completely forgotten.

Brzezinski conceded that in previous speeches Trump wavered and was ambiguous in his description of NATO's operations and obligations resulting from the Alliance.

In his opinion, Trump has taken steps that will help shape the context of his meeting with Putin, so as to turn it to his advantage.

Brzezinski said that Trump “pointed out clearly” that Russia was behaving in a way that threatened the West. It destabilized Ukraine, exploited the dependency of its neighbors on energy supplies, and interfered in the conflict in Syria.

Brzezinski added that Trump had mentioned possible cooperation with Russia in the future, but only when Russia was on the same side with Western countries.


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